Things to look out for on the outside of your pellet

Barn Owl Pellets are generally:
• quite large – about 30-70mm
• rounded in shape
• black in colour
• smooth texture
• sometimes glossy when fresh

Tawny Owl Pellets are generally:
• medium-sized – about 20-50mm
• long, narrow and irregular in shape, probably tapering at one end
• greyish in colour
• bumpy texture
• quite furry

Little Owl Pellets are generally:
• small – about 15-20mm
• long and narrow in shape
• colour varies depending on the prey
• spongy texture
• very light and may crumble when handled

Short-Eared Owl Pellets are generally:
• quite large – about 30-60mm long
• quite long and narrow in shape, rounded at one end and tapered at the other
• grey in colour and slightly shiny
• smooth texture
• strong and lightweight

Long-Eared Owl Pellets are generally:
• quite small – about 20-40mm long
• long, narrow and irregular in shape
• grey in colour
• bumpy texture
• strong and lightweight

Items stuck to the outside of the pellet may indicate where it was found:
• hay, straw or seeds would very likely come from a barn or farm building
• dirt or bits of tree bark suggest a wooded area
• feathers are most likely to indicate man-made nesting boxes
• pine-needles would imply somewhere where there are evergreen trees in the area
• bits of coarse grass would suggest a coastal area

It also helps to do a little research on where different types of owl have their preferred habitat, to give you more of an idea what kind of owl pellet you are dissecting.

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Remember:- ALWAYS wash your hands after handling owl pellets and their contents!