Dissecting pellets can be a wonderful hands on way for children to learn about various facets of the wildlife in their immediate environment and also in the world at large.

Pellet dissection is a fascinating and informative science activity, which can prompt all sorts of discussion and investigation into varied aspects of nature, such as food chains and habitats. It can also lead to the exploration of much wider topics, including the conservation and care of local and global environments.

As with many such topics, the possibilities for expansion of the subject and the inclusion of other areas of the curriculum are boundless!

Key Stage 2 Objectives & Outcomes
The Objectives and Outcomes for this activity are taken from those given by the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) Standards Site for Science and are only intended as a guide.

Year 3
Unit 3A:
Teeth and eating
Objectives - that different animals have different diets
Outcomes - identify different sorts of food eaten by the animals

Year 4
Unit 4B:
Section 3: Different animals in different habitats
Objectives - that different animals are found in different habitats; that animals are suited to the environment in which they are found
Outcomes - state that animals and plants are found in some places and not in others and explain

Year 5
Unit 5_6H: Enquiry in environmental and technological contexts
Section 2: Collecting and interpreting data
Objectives - to collect and record data appropriately; to look critically at data collected
Outcomes - collect and record data carefully

Year 6
Unit 6A: Interdependence and adaptation
Section 9: Animals and plants in a different habitat
Objectives - that different animals and plants are found in different habitats
Outcomes - name some animals and plants found in the habitat; identify features of animals and plants which make them suited to their habitat

Pellets ~ We sell Owl Pellets for dissection at £2.50p each

Remember:- ALWAYS wash your hands after handling owl pellets and their contents!

Teacher Notes for Pellet Detectives