If you are unable to visit us, then why not arrange for our
Wise Owl Roadshow to come and see you! Our fully trained falconry and education staff will visit your school or group with a couple of our stunning owls or other birds-of-prey.

A typical visit from our Wise Owl Roadshow includes:

10.30 A short welcome and introduction to the two birds the falconers have brought with them, plus a demonstration of dissecting an owl pellet.
11.00 Oliver Owl's Runaround Quiz to get everyone involved.
11.15 Age appropriate activity based on the subjects of owls, conservation and the food chain. Depending on the
time of year and size of group, the falconers will select an indoor or outdoor activity.

11.50 Photo opportunity - school staff are welcome to take class photos with the owls; plus distribution of a goody bag for every child including the Stonham Screecher newsletter, a V.I.P. Visitor Pass to the Sanctuary and "I Love Owls" sticker for every child.

If you are studying a particular period in history, want your visit to be a more science-based experience or have other educational requirements then please ask and we can tailor the visit to your requirements

** NEW ** As an addition, our Roadshow now offers a child-friendly "Best Practice" Teach-In on caring for Guinea Pigs & Rabbits at home. This entertaining yet instructive 15-minute talk covers fundamental hints and tips on looking after these popular pets to make sure they are comfortable, well cared for and set up to enjoy a long and happy life. Please ask for details if you would like too add this module to our visit.

Half Day Visit £100.00 - plus mileage 50p per mile
Best Practice for Pets module £25 (optional)
Hourly Rate £60 per hour plus 40p per mile

A visit from The Wise Owl Roadshow lasts
from 10.30am - 12.15pm approx

The maximum no. of children per session is 100.  The falconers will split the children into smaller groups as appropriate.

Risk Assessments available on request

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