S.O.S. Photo Competition 2016

1st Prize STUART BURNS for this stunning character study of Lincoln, our Bald Eagle looking his sternest!
2nd Prize JOHN CAMERON for his evocative image of our two beautiful Ural Owls, Bumble & Bee.
3rd Prize TIM SPOUGE, who captured Nigel, our Ferruginous Buzzard deep in concentration whilst catching a tidbit of food thrown to him during a flying demonstration.
1st Prize HARRY MYHILL (aged 15) who caught Zena, our Striated Caracara in a good illustration of how her wings take shape as she comes into land…
2nd Prize FIN MEAD (aged 15) pictured Birkett, our most photographed Great Horned Owl resplendent in his distinctively mottled plumage.
3rd Prize TALLULAH JONES (aged 13) came face to face with Barbara, one of our resident Guinea Pigs, who can never keep her nose out of other people's business!
Our 2016 photo competition drew over 100 entries - a fantastic response and one which made it extra difficult for the judges and those who voted via our Facebook page, because of the very high quality of work submitted. We will publish many examples of the contestants pictures here on our website over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, very many thanks to those who took part! We're just sorry you can't all be winners - which you deserve to be.