S.O.S. 2015 Photo Competition Winners

The SOS 2015 Photo Competition.

Firstly, please accept our apologies for the late announcement of the results of our annual Photo Competition - the participants have all been very patient in waiting for the outcome - thank you!

Secondly, it was a difficult task to find the winners because after all the on-line and personal votes had been cast and totted up there was more than one ’tied’ result. In fairness to all, we have decided to award prizes to both or all winners in such situations. All prize winners have been notified separately by email.

Thirdly, we would like to express our thanks to all who took part with such enthusiasm. To the winners - congratulations! And to all the other entrants, commiserations - but please try again next year.


1st Prize: Kieran Judd - "Innocence"
Innocence (KJ)

Joint 2nd Prize: Megan Butcher - "Unruffled!"
Unruffled! (MB)

Joint 2nd Prize: Harry Myhill - "Feathered Friend"
Feathered Friend (HM)

3rd Prize: Cameron Johnson - "Simply Perfect"
Simply Perfect (CJ)


Joint 1st Prize: Adrian Barnard - "Afternoon Delight"
Afternoon Delight (AB)

Joint 1st Prize: Ali Alsawaf - "Still Life"

2nd Prize: Jack Crouch - "Over My Shoulder"
Over My Shoulder (JC)

Joint 3rd Prize: John Ellison- "Kissing Cousins"
Kissing Cousins (JE)

Joint 3rd Prize: Mark Warner - "Piercing Gaze"
Piercing Gaze (MW)

Commended: Katie Kemp - "Am I Cute or what…?"
Am I cute, or what...? (KK)

Commended: Mark Waller - "Royal"
Royal (MW)

Commended: Colin James - "Poetry in Motion"
Poetry In Motion (CJ)

Commended: Lynda George - "The Eyes Have It"
The Eyes have It (LG)