From The Web: Concussed Sparrowhawk Question

I'm looking after a sparrowhawk which crashed into our conservatory on Friday morning. There are no obvious injuries and it has survived till Sat Evening. I've got it in a cat box which I have covered and placed not far from a radiator. It moves it's wings but it will not stand even though I have held it in a standing position. I have obtained some duck insides but so far it hasn't eaten. Any helpful suggestions would be gratefully received.



Thank you for your email. You have done the right thing by putting the bird in the box next to the radiator. The bird may not eat for a day or two which is quite natural as it is in an alien environment and may have enough energy reserves not to eat.

The fact the bird has not been able to stand may be simply shock but it could be pelvis damage. I would recommend you carry on for today keeping the bird warm and quiet, and then tomorrow if there is no visible improvement I would get the bird to a vet and ask them for an opinion.

This male sparrow hawk - known as a Musket - was brought into our raptor
hospital with minor concussion but was eventually released in good health.
I am holding it gently but firmly so has to keep those extremely sharp
talons well out of harms way!

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary