Come on your Reds!

Come on you Reds

Our new resident is settling in nicely!

We’re very pleased to announced new addition to the Sanctuary - not one of the feathered variety on this occasion, but a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed (literally) young red squirrel.

She was bred, along with her two brothers in captivity at the Pensthorpe Reserve near Fakenham in north Norfolk and has come to live with us here as a companion for one of our male red squirrels. She is very young as yet, so Matt thinks she will probably not breed until late next year.

We have had Red Squirrels at S.O.S. for some years now and in the past have been able to donate progeny to various controlled re-introduction schemes throughout the UK. Te the last few years have been lean in this regard, we hope our new resident will enable us to resume a supply of youngsters for these valuable project in the future.

For now, it’s just lovely to see her settling comfortably into her new home. As yet she doesn’t have a name, so if anyone has any good ideas, perhaps you would drop us a line

A Vote of Confidence

Just recently, the Sanctuary received a lovely email from a couple who have adopted one of our owls. As a charity, we are very much reliant on the help and good wishes of our many adopters and donators and we are extremely appreciative of all the support we receive from them.

It is especially nice when someone who has adopted an owl is then actually able to visit us here at S.O.S and see their adopted bird in all its feathery glory.

Mrs C writes:

We were thrilled when, as we returned from a few days in Southwold, we found ourselves driving right past the sanctuary and were able to visit our adopted owl, Lanark.

I particularly wanted to sponsor Lanark because (don't tell him) he is not so attractive as some of the other owls.  And there he was hiding in his tree, just as your literature described the long eared owl. Wonderful work you are doing.  Thank you.’

We firmly believe that the work we do here at the Sanctuary is extremely worthwhile, so it’s particularly nice when someone takes the time to get in touch and give us a word of encouragement. So thank you very much Mrs C – we really do value your support!

Remember, we are always here to answer your questions and enquiries, so don’t hesitate to email us at or call us on 01449 711425.