It's an owl, Jim...

Every now and then we receive interesting communications from followers of the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, amongst which there are often details of imaginative photos, sculptures & artworks which cast owls and other birds of prey in an unusual & intriguing light.

None more-so, we think you’ll agree, that the fantastic work of artist Guido Vedovato, whose colourful skills we profile here as the perfect antidote to the encroaching dull, dark days of winter at Stonham Aspal.

Guido was born in 1961 in the north of Italy. Self-taught, he progressively became a naïve painter and sculptor - talents which were nurtured as a hobby but gradually became a profession. His first exhibition was in 1986 and today his works are exhibited widely throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada.

Inspired by the peoples and creatures of the mountains where he lives, the paintings are created in oil on big-size canvas in a very original style which cannot be absolutely classified. For sculptures Guido has a predilection for primitive wooden or terracotta figures with shapes redolent to the traditional and popular style of the north-eastern alpine area of Italy.

You can find out more about this fascinating artists at his website by clicking here but meanwhile we hope you enjoy the colour and spirit of his unique artistic style.
All artworks ©
Guido Vedovato