From The Web: European Eagle Owl info.


I am farm supervisor at Woodside Animal Farm in Bedfordshire and was wondering if you could help me learn some more about our European Eagle Owl - in particular some information on diet amount, frequency, habit and worming. He is a display bird with a large free flying enclosure

We think it would be great to build up some connections to places like yourselves to help educate and improve animal care on a whole


The owl will need a mixed diet of chicks, rat, quail and rabbit if available. We feed our flying birds chicks 5 days a week and a combination of rat and quail on the other two days.

When the birds are in moult, we feed chicks 4 days a week and rat, quail & rabbit 3 days a week.

We worm our European Eagle Owl once a year with Panacur with a dosage of 1ml per 1 kilo weight - however I suggest you to check with your vet before administrating.

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

Otherwise known as the Grand Old Lady Of Stonham, our European
Eagle Owl Rheia joined us over 19 years ago, before we'd even opened.
The memory of her strutting her stuff quite unconcerned by the JCB's
that were helping to build the centre at the rime remains with us today.
As you can see, the diet seems to have worked!