Falcon's Fury - None but the brave...!

Falcon Fury 7

And now for something completely different!

If you’ve ever watched the dramatic sight of a falcon as it stoops vertically downwards towards its prey at incredible speed, there’ll soon be a chance to experience such a thrill at first hand - though you may have to go all the way the States to do so!

Falcon Fury 1 Falcon Fury 3
Now under construction - Falcon's Fury will be
North America's tallest 'drop tower' theme park ride

A new theme park ride called “Falcon’s Fury” is set to open at the renowned Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida later this year. Standing at 335 feet tall, the ride will lift visitors to it’s highest point, begin its vertical drop at speeds of up to 60mph and then - for an added element of surprise - further emulate the aerial skills of the falcon by pivoting riders to a terrifying face-down dive position for the completion of their journey.

Falcon Fury 6

Falcon Fury 2

Falcon Fury 4
For the thrill of it all - visitors will be swivelled into the face-down
position for the full falcon experience!

Set to become the tallest tower ride of its kind in North America, Falcon's Fury is currently undergoing safety drop tests and should be ready for those ready & willing to mimic the flight of the falcon by late summer 2014, allowing enough time to save up the $95 daily admission fee to the Busch Garden complex!

Falcon Fury 5
By the time you see this view, it's too late to decide
you don't want to see what being a falcon is like after all!