A Day Out

Teachers & Pupils were captivated by Aukland, our Boobook Owl

The Easter hols were wonderful for us here at the Sanctuary and it was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the experience of observing all the birds of prey at Stonham. But now it’s back to business promoting the work of the centre and our cause of raptor conservation.

On Thursday, two of our team were up bright and early, packing up all the paraphernalia needed for a special Wildlife Exhibition for teachers and children at the Suffolk Show Ground. We arrived in good time to set up our stall, complete with Bali, our Asian Brown Wood Owl and Auckland, our Boobok Owl.

Questions, questions - Andy was kept busy all day long

To begin with there was just a small trickle of visitors and we were able to catch our breath and grab a fortifying cup of tea. Just as well! Fifteen minutes later we were engulfed by a huge tidal wave of children and teachers, assistants assistants and parent helpers - and the wave continued unrelenting all day!

It was a truly fantastic day. Children and adults alike were fascinated by the owls, who once again played their parts to perfection. One visitor had a very smart camera with a large, grey, fluffy microphone at the side: Bali was thoroughly captivated and we’re sure that he was convinced it must have been a particularly fat, juicy rat!

This was also a golden opportunity to introduce our new Raptor Pack for Teachers to the visitors, which can be downloaded free from this website now.

As teachers are extremely busy people, they really appreciate fresh, new resources and the response to our new initiative was very positive! We had lots of enquiries about school visits and about what we could organise educationally at the Sanctuary, which is all good news for spreading the word to future generations who will hopefully carry on the conservation work in years to come.

Remaining Unruffled - Bali took the day all in his stride

With so much going on, the day went like a flash and we returned to the sanctuary exhausted but happy, with two very tired owls in tow.

And Finally...

...a quick update on our missing vulture, Inca. There have been a few sightings and many enquiries about whether she has been recovered, but as yet the falconers have not had the opportunity to recapture her as yet. However, we are keeping a close track on her movements and hope to have some good news to report to you in the near future.