Leiston Green - Recycling Team!

Today was a very interesting day for me as I made an educational visit to Leiston Primary School here in Suffolk.

The day began with over 250 children and staff all seated in the school hall eagerly awaiting the arrival of our feathered education team. On this occasion I took LUNA the Barn Owl, MARA, one of our White Faced Scops Owls, and BRAMBLE, a male Common Kestrel. (He doesn’t like to brag about it but he is the very same Bramble who appeared on the Royal Mail stamps a couple of years ago... but that’s another story!)

Anyways, I was first introduced to the school by the headmaster, in English. But he then informed me that Spanish was a favoured language within school and so went on (I have it on good authority) to introduce me in Spanish, too!

Although my Spanish is neither as good nor as fluent as many of the schoolchildren.  I did manage to say HOLA! (hello, in Spanish) - and received a warm HOLA in response from the children. This set me up nicely for what turned out to be a very inspiring day!

So, why was so it inspiring?  Well, because many of the children had done vast amounts of research before my arrival: it was truly wonderful to see just how interested these children were in birds of prey and the environment.

Many of the children were confidently able to tell me many facts about OWLS, before I had a chance to inform them - which I have to say, made a refreshing change.  Full credit must go to the wonderful teaching staff (in particular Mrs. Frances Hitchcock) who are evidently fundamental to the enthusiastic research process of the youngsters

After the main display in front of the whole school (in which LUNA showed exceptional skill at sitting on a curtain rail), I then gave an individual demonstration to each class, followed by a question-and-answer session. This set the pattern for the remainder of the day.

However, lunchtime proved to be an equally interesting experience for me.  Firstly, Jamie Oliver's recipes made an appearance and very tasty they were too (it’s many years since I last had a school dinner - my, how they’ve changed) and secondly, I was introduced to Leiston Primary School’s GREEN team!

As you can see from the photograph above, the children at the school are very passionate about the environment, and in - their own time - go round to each classroom during their lunch hour to recycle all their waste paper. They even have special badges that say “Green Team - Operator No.1/2/3” etc.  

As an Education Officer that tries to educate & inform people of all ages about the need for environmental concern, I found the efforts of these primary school children truly inspiring!

So, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - Leiston Primary. I hope that the many other schools who read this blog will follow your wonderful and inspiring example, you should be very PROUD of yourselves!