A belated Happy New Year!

Hi there! Welcome to the S.O.S. Blog for 2011 as we close one year and look forward to new challenges ahead.

We'd like to start by wishing all our supporters, visitors and donors a belated but heartfelt Happy New Year - your help is greatly appreciated and we hope that you will continue to offer your support in the months ahead.

We'd also like to say an extra-special thanks to the un-sung heroes of S.O.S. - the group of loyal volunteers who come into the Sanctuary fair weather and foul to help out with the many necessary repetitious and often grubby jobs around the Centre which enable us to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the birds in our charge.

Without our volunteer brigade, not only would our life be a lot more difficult but our very existence a lot more tenuous, man- and women-power being one of the more costly resources required to keep the place functioning efficiently & effectively. These guys turn up regularly, often more than once a week, to assist in cleaning aviaries, feeding round and lending a helping hand with some of the arduous building & repair jobs, so we'd like to give them a special mention in acknowledgement of their invaluable contribution to S.O.S (in no particular order!):

* Steve *
* Paul *
* Pete *
* Simon *
* Darren *
* Doug *
* Sarah *
* Lynn *
* Allen *

and our two current work-placement helpers from Otley College, the two Katherines & Catherine. Confused? We often are...:-)

We hope - indeed we know - our volunteers enjoy their time in the company of our magnificent birds, and although this is small reward for all the time they put in, we hope it continues to provide sufficient recompense for all their hard work. Thank you.