Making The Grade

We have a lot of students coming to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, not just to visit, but also often for work experience.  We offer photo days for school pupils and courses for youngsters who take a keen and serious interest in learning how to look after and handle birds of prey.  Recently, we were contacted by some students from Ravensbourne College in London, asking whether our falconers could donate some time to talk about the Sanctuary and the work we do here for the purpose of a documentary film they wanted to make.

Filming gets under way with Maz and a camera-shy Cecil
being interviewed by Georgina

The students in question, Sean, Georgina, Jade, Nathalie, Stephen, Scott and Aiste were keen to visit on two dates, 19th April and 17th May.  The objective was to find out all about the Sanctuary’s Education, Conservation and Rehabilitation projects and to film around the Sanctuary.  Matt and Maz were on hand to welcome the students and give them a guided tour and then the students were able to film Maz and Matt talking about various aspects of the Sanctuary, including Matt’s conservation project for rearing and releasing Red Squirrels (read more at here). 

Cecil learning his lines

Maz showed them around the hospital, explaining the equipment and medication the falconers use and going through the procedure of what happens when an injured raptor is brought in to the Sanctuary.  The hospital was actually empty, but quite by coincidence, the students were on hand when a very poorly young Tawny Owl was brought in (that’s another story) so they were able to see the process for themselves.
At this time of year, the flying display birds are also in their prime and the students were able to film the raptors in all their aerial magnificence. 
The information and footage collected will be used to help Sean, Georgina, Jade, Nathalie, Stephen, Scott and Aiste to complete a final major project for their degrees in production and hopefully we will be able to attach the film footage to our website for everyone to see.  Matt and Maz were very happy to give their time and expertise to help the youngsters and of course we wish them all great success with their project.

One of our visiting Tawny Eagles looks on…


Click here to see the film made by the students of Ravensbourne College on
You Tube - well done, gang, and thanks for choosing us as the subject for your project!