Birds, Bees & other New Arrivals

Summer is gradually making its way here to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary and as well as our passion for our native Birds of Prey, we also have a great interest in our Flora and Fauna we find and encourage into the Sanctuary. Here's a round-up of recent activity…

Butterflies & Bees
Our Butterfly and Bee garden is now in full bloom with Foxgloves, Lupins, Lavender and the Delphiniums which have been specially planted to attract and provide rich nectar for the native butterfly & bee species which play such a very important part in our biodiversity.

A Bumble Bee taking advantage of the nectar on offer

A new Red Squirrel joins our colony
Last week we received a new addition to our colony - a young 16-week old female - courtesy of our friends at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey. She is been housed in the new hexagonal squirrel enclosure purpose built by Matt over the winter and she is settling in well . Before long we will be introducing her to one of the males and all being well, the pair should be successful in raising kits which will eventually be donated to one of the controlled Red Squirrel re-habilitation programmes which are flourishing in the UK.

The distinctive bushy tail and tufty ears of the native Red Squirrel
are shown to best advantage in this photograph taken
for us by Paul Sawer, who runs some of our Photo Days

Woodland Walk Visitor

A recent visitor to the small woodland area behind the
centre was this Goldfinch, showing off its colourful plumage

Meerkat Update
You may have read that we introduced a young pair of Meerkats to the centre earlier this year. Although unrelated, they settled in well - so well in fact that this week mum, called Bonnie, produced two bouncing youngsters - which was rather a surprise so early on in her relationship with her partner Bandit, bringing new relevance to the term "speed dating"! Watch this space for more news & pictures of the youngsters.