A Sticky Situation

Gently removing the sticky gunk form this beautiful Barn Owl was a time-consuming task

An odd case of “Barn Owl Meets Fly Papers” - this mature bird fell down a chimney but in trying to find an exit, he encountered fly-papers - mayhem ensued! It took hours of skill & patience to disentangle his feathers without damage and he was released fit & well!

A Tiny Handful - this pair of Little Owls were released after attention

Meanwhile this pair of unrelated Little Owls were brought into S.O.S. separately - one with a leg so severely entangled in twine we thought at first amputation might be the only course of action. But it recovered in time and with the other - a foundling - both were ‘hacked back’ to their natural surroundings soon after.

Downy but not out - once he has matured, this young foundling will be released back to the wild

This Barn Owlet was found abandoned (if their chicks fall from their nest, adult Barn Owls will pay no further heed to their offspring and so they remain unfed) but we were able to resuscitate him - he is now fledging nicely and will soon be flying free.