Up, Up… and away!

You may have seen our stories a few weeks ago about the pair of Tawny Owls and a Barn Owl brought into us recently - "Hospital 'springs' into action". We're pleased to say it's usually the case that unfortunates like these are released safely back to the wild, but not so often that we're able to capture the moment - either the circumstances aren't right, or the birds make such a quick getaway that we can't capture the event on camera!

Luckily the kind souls who brought in one of the battered Tawnies late in March were pretty quick on the draw camera-wise, so thanks to Julia Wilson and her partner we're able to show the minute Oscar - so named for the occasion - took his flight back to freedom, fully recovered and with his damaged eye back in full working order.

Julia prepares for the big moment with some trepidation…

Tawny owl Release March 13 B 2
… and there, he's off!

Of the event, Julia commented rather ruefully: "He flew off very close to the ground into a wooded area and we didn’t see him again.  I was hoping he’d fly up into a tree and call to all his friends but no such luck!"

Well, never mind Julia - you both a did a great job bringing him into us and no doubt the release, however brief, will always stay with you. Thanks for sharing the moment!