S.O.S. Celebrates Suffolk Day

On 21st. June the county of Suffolk celebrated the first ever Suffolk Day - an idea championed by Mark Murphy of Radio Suffolk and supported by the East Anglian Daily Times. Suffolk Day is a new initiative encouraging people throughout the county to fly the Suffolk flag and celebrate everything that’s great about the county.

We were glad to join in by offering reduced-price admissions on the day as the St. Edmunds flag was proudly flown outside the centre and Suffolk bunting adorned reception.

Falconer Jess and Cobweb the Barn Owl celebrated Suffolk Day on June 21st

In a shrinking world, where people are able to communicate, trade and interact with others on a global scale, Suffolk Day offered an ideal opportunity to reflect on the beauty and diversity that exists right on our doorstep and to appreciate our wonderful locality.

Suffolk offers big skies and pretty landscapes, breathtaking coastline, delicious food, innovative businesses, quaint market towns, exciting nightlife and, above all, friendly natives! Over the last few months Mark has been raising awareness of Suffolk Day with local businesses, councils, visitor attractions and residents and the birds and staff at the owl sanctuary have been vociferous in their support!

We look forward to next year's event!