Schools Out

Today saw the start of our “Activity Adventures” for youngsters here at SOS!

This new series of discovery days will be running throughout the year from Easter to September and have been specifically devised to appeal to youngsters aged 6-12. Admission to each is completely free, the only pre-requisite being that all participants must book their places in advance, either by e-mailing or telephoning us on 01449 711425.

Each Activity Day uses our new purpose-built classroom as its base, and many thanks must go to all those who have made the building and the equipping of it possible through their generous donations; and to Dick, Jamie and all those involved for giving up their time to compete the construction.

Our first Activity Adventure was entitled “FASCINATING FALCONRY” and the purpose was a basic introduction to this unique, engrossing and ancient art form.

To begin the day, the group of enthusiastic young visitors were shown how and why falconry came into being, from the training of birds of prey to bring down quarry for food through to its sporting heritage and on to contemporary flying in front of the public as part of modern-day programmes that bring conservation issues to the attention of public in an informative and entertaining way.

Then we took an in-depth, behind-the-scenes tour around the centre, learned many fascinating raptor facts (including a bit of Latin!) and discovered how to tell the difference between the various raptor species with regard to their size, shape, colouring and sex. 

This was followed by an ‘arts & crafts’ session in which the youngsters were asked to design and classify their own imaginary bird of prey - a session which proved to be great fun and required large amounts paper, paints, scissors and glue!  Among the results were a Rainbow Barn Owl which hunts Gingerbread-men, and a Purple-Footed Owl who has a highly specialized diet and only feeds on Purple-Footed Mice!

Then we watched a flying demonstration - favourite moment, watching the Saker Falcon dramatically follow the lure ably swung by one of our falconers, Matt; witnessed the feeding of our newest arrival to SOS - a 21 day old Bengal Eagle Owl chick named BALOO - and ended the day with a fast-paced & exhausting game of “Predator Vs. Prey” through our children’s maze.

Our next Activity Adventure will be on the 12th April, and once again ALL are welcome! For more details of this and all the events through the summer, please click here.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the summer here at The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary!

<< BALOO, our new Bengal Eagle Owl. Watch this space for growing developments!