Easter Eggcellence...

Last Easter weekend got our new summer season off to a cracking start here at the Sanctuary, though thankfully all the eggs - Raptor and Easter - remained intact! For once the weather decided to give its usual Bank Holiday wash-out a miss and we were blessed with warm rays of sunshine and blue skies, resulting in our best Easter Bank Holiday weekend in five years and a a 'full house' of visitors every day!

Matt swings the lure as one of the Falcons demonstrates his aerial prowess

The main events were the flying displays, where visitors were given the opportunity to see many of our aerial display team showing off their incredible prowess as perfect visual confirmation of the diversity of lifestyles & characteristics there are to be found in the raptor world.

Back down to earth, our visitors get a rare close-up glimpse of a Peregrine Falcon

Comet the Peregrine Falcon amazed onlookers as he soared high up into the sky, before stooping (diving) at well over 100mph to receive a well earned reward from Matt, Taiga the Great Grey Owl as always charmed the crowd with his stunning good looks, and our buzzard, Ash decided he would like to get up a little more close and personal, swooping low over the heads of the audience to gasps of admiration and delight.

Under falconer Dean’s watchful eye, Ash the Buzzard gets up close & personal

Many of our other birds also seemed to relish the opportunity to show off their skills after their winter moults, including Gypsy the Vulture , Mia the Steppe Eagle, Pungu the Bateleur Eagle, the falcons Lock & Nell (Lugger & Saker respectively) and Bali the Malaysian Wood Owl.

Maz struts her stuff, while Taiga the Great Grey Owl goes along for the ride

As well as being enthralled by the flying displays, there were plenty of other activities for families to enjoy, including some fantastic face painting for the kids by Shirley and an Eggcellent Easter quiz, with loads of delicious eggy prizes being won by our young visitors. Undoubtedly a fantastic Easter weekend with tremendous fun had by all!

Woodland Walk Update

Amidst all the excitement, the woodland walk has been quietly flourishing and we thought you might like a brief update. Back around mid-March time, the walk was beginning to show definite signs of new life but now, it is positively blooming with colour and growth (no pun intended) with an abundance of forget-me-nots, bluebells and marigolds, not forgetting the beautiful blackthorn hedge, in full flower.

Bloomin’ Marvellous - some of the flora in our flourishing woodland walk

Breaking News - Our Missing Vulture

Read All About It - even
The Sun picked up on news of our Wanderin’ Star!

You may have heard on the news or seen in the newspapers that one of our Vultures is missing. Inca was blown off course by the spring breezes whilst exercising above the centre just over a week ago and has been absent without leave ever since.

Although she will scavenge to survive, it is obviously not ideal for her to be out there in a world she's totally unused to, though we have been able to keep a fairly close eye on her as she seems content to have taken up temporary residence in and around farms just over a mile from home. Our falconers are making frequent trips out in response to every siting, but although they’ve been close on a couple of occasions, she’s reluctant to come to glove for the time being.

We will of course keep you posted, but meanwhile we would be grateful if anyone in vicinity catches sight of her and lets us know on 01449 711425 or by e-mail at
info@owl-help.org.uk Meanwhile, many thanks to all of you who have contacted us so far - your help is much appreciated.