A Phabulous Photo Day

All year round, we have a number of people who like to come and take photos of our stunning raptors here at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.  For some, it might mean taking a few snaps on their mobile phones, but for others the Sanctuary presents an opportunity to photographically record all aspects of birds of prey, from a Common Buzzard perching serenely on a fence to the spectacular flight of a Red Kite.

Up Close & Personal - the photo days allow great opportunities to
grab some unfettered photos of some of the birds

During the summer months our friends Paul & Brian host these extremely popular wildlife photo days. During these events, they are on hand to offer practical hints and tips on how to get the best from a digital camera as well as the benefits of their in-depth experience in exposure, framing and digital manipulation to enhance each shot.

The results can be stunning, as in one of these photos by partcipant Sandie Jardine

Last week five budding David Baileys joined Brian to brave our typical English summer weather for the chance to capture that perfect wildlife shot. Despite some heavy rain showers in the morning, no-one’s spirits were dampened and one of our guests was not even perturbed by the longest of wet grass in his attempts to get up close and personal with the birds!

Sandie also captured the majesty of a Red Kit in full flight

S.O.S Office Administrator Jennie went out to do her own bit of ‘snapping’ to capture the scene and one of our participants, Sandie, kindly sent us some of the fantastic images captured during the day.

Paul Sawer will be back on the August 15th & September 12th to host the two remaining SOS Photo Days this year - they are pretty booked up but if you would like to participate, please
see our events page by clicking here, or telephone / e-mail us for more details or to make a booking.