Chimney Sweeps go Back To The Wild

Remember the pair the pair of Tawnies that had somehow managed to fall into the chimney breast and were discovered in a bedraggled state by the house owners?

After gathering the dazed birds up, several soapy baths and a large dollop of TLC by the staff at S.O.S., the recuperative process produced a handsome pair of mature Tawny Owls, we think most probably a breeding pair who had selected the sheltered chimney as an ideal spot for raising young this Spring.

Too quick for us! The released owls were too fast for the shutter speed of our camera!

We're pleased to report our sanctuary’s secluded rehabilitation facilities allowed for the most important element of any rescued wild bird’s treatment - that is, the time and security required to build strength and muscle tone to resume efficient hunting whilst  being fed regularly and protected from harsh weather conditions and predators.

On this occasion the pair Tawny Owls could not be released back from whence they came, as it was highly likely that they would return to the enticing chimney and suffer another fall. Instead, they were taken to a quiet wooded spot a few miles away, where they should find an abundant food supply and suitable habitat in which to settle in time to raise young this Spring.

This is a stock shot, but it shows how stunning the Tawny looks in flight!

The raptor hospital at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary never turns an injured wild owl or other bird of prey away and is open every day from 10.00a.m. until 5.00p.m. We are indebted to the many members of the public who take the time to stop and assist compromised birds, often driving long distances to ensure that these beautiful and valuable creatures receive the treatment and support they need when conditions become difficult for them.