News of Poor Wolter...

Welcome back to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary blog. We would like to wish you all a slightly belated, but none-the-less heartfelt, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Life has been extremely busy at the sanctuary since the posting of our last blog and we have a number of exciting projects lined up for 2009 - about which, more in a minute.

But first, you may remember just over a year ago, we posted a story about ‘Poor Wolter’, who also featured on our ‘adopt-an-owl’ leaflets. To recap briefly, Wolter came to us in a rather confused state, with a terrific shiner, looking as though he had tackled Mike Tyson.

Since then we have had many interested enquiries about Wolter’s state of health, but we can’t give you an up-to-date report because, thankfully, he’s flying free back in the wild - and we haven’t seen him since his release. But suffice to say we hope the healing benefits of time, lots of TLC and, as always, the skill and dedication of the team here at SOS, stood him in good stead since we sucessfully hacked him back to his natural environment.

Now, a lot’s been going on here at the Sanctuary over the winter, and over the next few weeks we’ll bring you up to speed on a variety of topics. We’ve been working hard to produce a new teacher’s pack for use in primary schools - our aim being not only to inform young people about birds of prey, but also to help raise awareness of the importance of conservation issues and protection of wild animals in a local and global context. If you’d like to know more, please email

Meanwhile Andy and his team are also working away in all weathers repairin’ and a’fixin’ the aviaries, and - following our successful DEFRA Inspection - making sure we comply with the many new rules & regulations that have recently come into play for establishments like ours in the interests of the health & safety not only of our avian wards, but also human visitors, too!

We’ve also been planning our new events schedule for 2009 with all kinds of entertainments and holiday fun for all the family, as well as some treats especially for all those hard working mums and dads, too. Check out the
S.O.S. Events 2009 page for the list so far... but watch this space for further additions, or better still, subscribe to our RSS Feed by simply clicking the button at the bottom of the column to the left here - then all the news from the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary will automatically be delivered to your computer or phone whenever it’s published.

Finally, a couple of days ago, we witnessed a nostalgic arrival at our doors in the shape of this rather handsome vintage bus. Its occupants alighted without the slightest idea of what to expect, as they were part of an enthralling mystery tour from Norwich. But our team were ready and waiting to enlighten them with a guided tour of the centre, and we understand a good time was had by all!