Red Squirrel Update

Earlier this year we completed the renovation and extension to our Red Squirrel enclosures, the result of much hard work by our trusty brigade of volunteers and a generous donation from Adnams Brewery.

The three large squirrel enclosures allow plenty of
space for recreation and seclusion

The colony currently consists of two pairs of squirrels, thanks to recently sourcing a new female from the British Wildlife Centre in Sussex. This summer they have been enjoying their recently redeveloped enclosures, which have been designed to allow us to accommodate an expanding colony in comfort.

The Reds are now refurbishing their dreys in preparation for winter

As we approach the winter months the squirrels here at SOS will start creating food stores and improving on their dreys. Red Squirrels unlike their grey cousins do not hibernate and will be awake most of the winter, only sleeping through some of the worst days.

The Red Squirrels at the centre give our visitors are rare chance to see these fascinating animals, but also have bred regularly, enabling us to provide youngsters for the release projects that are currently take place on Anglesey.


Unfortunately due to the disturbance of construction work in our area this year, 2012 saw no breeding success for us but we are hopeful that next year our clan will again be able to produce some young squirrels to help this and other Red Squirrel conservation projects. Our colony has certainly acclimatised well to their enlarged surroundings and our new female will be old enough to breed - so fingers crossed!

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