The Raptor Education Pack

Part of our remit as a charity is to inform young people about owls & other birds of prey, to promote an understanding of wild raptors & their needs and to help raise awareness of the importance of their conservation for the future.

So we are pleased to announce the launch of its new SOS Raptor Pack for Teachers - an extensive resource for use in schools to help promote these goals.

This 3-stage programme covering Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 & 2 was created for S.O.S. by team members Ashley Costin & David Nadauld and is available for free
review and download now.

Although designed to provide an educational resource which reflects the National Curriculum requirements, many aspects of the Raptor Pack - which includes stories, games, activities & quizzes - will appeal to all youngsters with an interest in nature, and birds o prey in particular.

Teacher notes, objectives & outcome notes, cross-curricula guidance and additional resource advice is supplied with each pack.

Please take a look, and members of the public should also feel free to download some or all of the pack if they would like to. Meanwhile, we are keen to get some feedback from teachers, so please
e-mail us to let us know what you think, and how you feel we may improve the contents!