Baby, it's cold inside!

Taiga the Great Grey surveys the new gift

Established as a registered charity in 2001, the primary function of SOS is to provide and operate a facility for the care & rehabilitation of wild Owls and other Raptor species.

However, we could not undertake this valuable and worthwhile work without the support and generous donations given to us both by members of the public and the various local firms and organisations who chip in with funds, resources and various items of equipment! 

Our Raptor Hospital is fully equipped and dedicated to the care and treatment of the many injured wild owls & other birds of prey which are brought here each year, but in the twelve years since we first opened our doors, much of the original equipment has had to be replaced, and it's upkeep, refurbishment or replacement remains a constant source of concern as we aim to give the birds the best possible treatment.

But good Samaritans often come to our aid, and the most recent instance was the "East of England Co-operative Society" who kindly donated a brand new fridge for our hospital.

You might ask, why does S.O.S. need of a fridge? The answer is simple, as many of the preparations we use to treat the birds need to be kept cold and the reliable refrigeration of these expensive medicines at the correct temperature ensures we get the best out of them

So our sincere thanks go out to the east of England Co-Operative Society, who operate a wonderful scheme called the, "660 Community Dividend Fund" which means that anyone purchasing products from the CO-OP can request that their 'divi' can be given to local charities and other worthy organisations. Earlier in the week Maria Harrup, who is Communications & Community Manager of the Co-Op, came with a colleague to meet a few of our feathered residents and to mark their gift with a commemorative plaque.

And meanwhile, if you feel that you could make a donation, of money, materials, appliances or time then please do not hesitate to contact us - all contributions gratefully received!