New Paths at Stonham

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - well not quite! Its not yellow and its not a road - but a huge truck load of Tarmac arrived at SOS in December, and the question was - where was it all to go?

For those of you that are not aware of what I am referring to SOS has recently had a facelift (well a path-lift actually, and its all thanks to our kind friends at LAFARGE Aggregates - who have not only donated all the materials free of charge but also the labour (although we did supply our own labour in the form of DICK - and a great job he did too, preparing all the pathways before the crew arrived to begin the work)!

I must say that the crew made a brilliant and very enthusiastic start to the project and the weather was kind to us on day one. So how much progress did we make? Well you can see from the photo above that the combined team from SOS, Lafarge and a kindly volunteer (Jamie Smith) made a brilliant start. Thankfully we also had the full crew for day two of the project - and despite the weather on the second day, we did manage to get the project completed in record time.

There was even enough tarmac left over to tidy up the doorway and entrance area of SOS (well, it seemed like a shame to waste it)! So we are looking very smart as we move into 2007.

A huge amount of thanks go to all those involved in the project (too many to name individually). For without their personal commitment (materials, labour and finance) we would never have been able to re-develop the centre in this way (we simply did NOT HAVE the funds to make this happen). It will make a huge difference to the visitor traffic we have at the centre, and will now make all our wonderful birds accessible to all!

So do come and visit us very soon - and perhaps you too can FOLLOW, follow, follow - our fantastic new pathways around the centre - and see exactly how much more accessible our wonderful collection has become - due to the generosity of others!

If this story inspires you (or a company you work for) to get involved and help us to improve our centre for the benefit of all - then please email us with any suggestions you might have!

We look forward to your visit in 2007.