Top left: Bandit & Bonnie
Top right: Bonnie & young Mali
Bottom left: Bonnie
Bottom right: Bandit keeps watch
We are pleased to welcome some new guests to the Sanctuary - a young family of meerkats. They have taken up residence at "Meerkat Kastle" - a purpose-built facility in our Woodland Walk - designed to house these fascinating creatures in a way which illustrates their unique way of life to best advantage.

Our founding partners Bonnie & Bandit started the colony at Stonham with offspring Zulu & Mali, and early in April last year produced the four youngsters pictured below - we couldn't resist calling them Eeny, Meeny, Miny & Moe - and since then the family has grown to sixteen!
Click here to see them all on video.
PLEASE NOTE: Participants in our Meerkat Encounters are advised that our troop are a very friendly and inquisitive bunch, but they have very scratchy claws! So, we suggest you wear clothing and footwear that covers arms and legs, and open-toed sandals are not a good idea - meerkats are great toe-nibblers! Meerkat Encounters are not advised for women in pregnancy.

Please check with us on 03456 807897 before travelling if bad weather is forecast in case the enclosure has been rendered unsuitable for the event. Thank you.