Top left: Bandit & Bonnie
Top right: Bonnie & young Mali
Bottom left: Bonnie
Bottom right: Bandit keeps watch
We are pleased to welcome some new guests to the Sanctuary - a young family of meerkats. They have taken up residence at "Meerkat Kastle" - a purpose-built facility in our Woodland Walk - designed to house these fascinating creatures in a way which illustrates their unique way of life to best advantage.

Our founding partners Bonnie & Bandit started the colony at Stonham with offspring Zulu & Mali, and early in April last year produced the four youngsters pictured below - we couldn't resist calling them Eeny, Meeny, Miny & Moe - and since then the family has grown to sixteen!
Click here to see them all on video.
PLEASE NOTE: Participants in our Meerkat Encounters are advised that our troop are a very friendly and inquisitive bunch, but they have very scratchy claws! So, we suggest you wear clothing and footwear that covers arms and legs, and open-toed sandals are not a good idea - meerkats are great toe-nibblers! Also, Meerkat Encounters are not advised for women in pregnancy. Thank you.